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Remember all the press last fall about 41 cows found dead in Colorado? State officials said the damage was consistent with wolf predation despite having no evidence of wolves in the area.

If you called BS, you were right.

Carter Niemeyer, a wolf-predation expert, examined photos of the dead cows obtained by the Humane Society in an open records request and concluded that wolves are not to blame.


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ATTN Colorado residents!

Wolves need your voices! Attend an in-person public meeting on Feb. 22 to submit your comment on Colorado's draft wolf reintroduction and management plan!
We'll be there, and we hope you can be too!

Not in Colorado, no worries. You can comment online.

Info β†’ nywolf.org/2023/02/lets-get-th

More from Colorado Parks and Wildlife β†’ cpw.state.co.us/aboutus/Pages/

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Due to the ridiculous commissioners on the board of the CPW, I'm having to edit the script....again... >.<

Looks like I'm going to need to do a followup episode focusing on the Colorado Wolf Reintroduction. : /

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Nothing about the wolf being removed from the ESA was legal. Yet still our administrative leaders refuse to act on this.

>200 wolves have been killed in Montana alone in this hunting season - not including poaching which easily makes that figure twice as large...

Biodiversity is not an optional luxury, but integral to the natural life support systems that we all depend upon.


The @USFWS is required to conduct a Wolf Status review every 5 years with no change in listing status. This was due 4 months ago. Not only has the USFWS failed to do this, wolf protections have been removed. Status change requires immediate review prior to change.


Wolves are family units w/ complex social structures. Every member serves a role in the pack. They are fragile systems that easily fall apart when wolves are removed.

This is another reason why "managing" wolves by population counts is not appropriate.


More on the lack of confidence concerning the @USFWS's obligation to protect our wildlife, the tenure of the director, Martha Williams, is not even legal.

We should demand her removal.
The failure to conduct a wolf status review is only further cause.

Just to be clear:
Her education is in law; not biology.

This US Code requires any director of the @USFWS to have been formally educated by an accredited school in wildlife management & fisheries.


Value me beyond what I can do for you.

Value me not because of how I look.

Value me because I am unique, didn't ask to be here, & am doing my best to live a life with as little suffering as possible - because no one wants to suffer.


Wolves will sacrifice themselves to protect others.

Here you see me sacrificing myself in the task pup-sitting @RiverwolfVulcan.... to protect the rest of the pack's sanity.

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Contrary to what many may expect, wolves are not protected under federal law in all states. Their reintroduction is a success story, but one which has been met with constant challenges from special interest groups.

States like Idaho, Wyoming, & Montana have fought to remove all wolf protections making claims that wolves damage the elk populations whilst their own Fish, Wildlife, & Parks release reports of elk populations being critically high; almost double their target goal.


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