Peak - seeing an SUV impaled on a giant yellow barrier and claiming that the barricades caused the crash and should be removed. I guess if it was a child under the car it would have caused less "traffic chaos".

BC offers up to $4,000 in additional rebates when you buy an EV.

Saskatchewan has no rebates and charges an extra $150/year to register an EV.

The effect of those policy decisions is pretty clear.

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Inspired by this piece in the Globe and Mail that names Squamish, BC as the electric vehicle hot spot in Canada, with Campbellton, Que not far behind.

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Electric vehicle registrations in Canada by province and quarter.

BC - the clear leader
Quebec - the only other province ahead of the national average
Saskatchewan - the laggard
Alberta - doesn't report data for some reason

Data from Statistics Canada

Today I got the poop emoji back when seeking comment on Twitter blocking users in India from seeing the accounts of high-profile Sikh Canadians critical of the Indian government

How small can a set of aperiodic tiles be? The first aperiodic set had over 20000 tiles. Subsequent research lowered that number, to sets of size 92, then 6, and then 2 in the form of the famous Penrose tiles. 1/6

To ensure cars didn’t take back control of Paris streets as the pandemic was “ending,” (like they have in so many cities), #Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo made sure that 60k parking spaces and many streets were permanently transformed to seating for restaurants, people places and bike-lanes.

#cities #cars #streets #restaurants #urbanism

Now *that's* the way to arrive in a city.
19th-century São Bento train station, Porto, #Portugal,
decorated with 20,000 azulejo tiles.

My guess is passenger trains will terminate in Surrey with connections to Vancouver served by SkyTrain.

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Looks like the answer is no. But the Federal Government has been studying a replacement for the swing bridge built in 1904!

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Does the Patullo Bridge replacement include a new train crossing? Asking for someone currently waiting on an Amtrak train delayed 30 minutes due to problems crossing the Fraser River.

Twitter vs. Mastodon
I posted this graph on Twitter (to 95,000 followers) & Mastodon (with 1/10th the followers).
I got double the likes/boosts on Mastodon. On Twitter I got dozens of ugly replies from climate deniers & trolls. On Mastodon I got polite & interesting questions.

A female #falcon was equipped with a satellite tracking system in #SouthAfrica before migrating to #Finland. Image shows tracker data. In just 42 days, she flew over 10.000 km, at an incredible average of 230 km per day and nearly in a straight line.

#Animals #Nature #Birds

Renewable electricity on a roll in Great Britain: from a share of 8% just ten years ago to 38% now!

This is absolutely amazing. We're still fighting over basic infrastructure in Canada, and Norway is building tram and bike tunnels filled with beautiful art. 😍

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