Never forget, the Dutch invest €595 million annually on urban biking, resulting in €19 BILLION saved in public health care costs alone. That’s how smart govts do the math on investing in better mobility.

Let’s be clear — it wastes public money to NOT do it.

#CityMakingMath Source: @modacitylife

The way to honor Tyre Nichols is to never stop fighting for justice, to never give up on reform and progress, and to hold fully accountable not only the murderers but the system that gave them the power and the implied permission to take his life so violently and with such evil purpose.

Disappointed City Council is set to abandon it's disposable cup waste reduction program. ABC seems more intent on pandering than making Vancouver a better place to live.

Interesting to see childless adults jumping on the Bluey bandwagon.

My daughter loves this show and I often enjoy watching with her.

"The fear that I feel biking in cities isn’t actually a fear of biking; it’s a fear of cars. Only a suite of infrastructure changes can combat the deadliest risk to cyclists. Not helmets alone."

"God may have created the world, but the Dutch created the #Netherlands."

And they haven't stopped.

Soon to open: the world's largest underwater bicycle parking lot, next to #Amsterdam 's Central Station, with room for 7,000 bicycles.

Do parking reforms get results? Heck yes. In 2012, Seattle allowed flexible parking near transit. In the 5 years that followed, a mind-boggling 59% of new homes were in buildings that would have been illegal before.

It comes to 10% of Seattle's entire housing stock.🤯

I'm really sad to see that the is shutting down after 45 years.

I've had years of memorable moments at the festival, including my first date with my wife.

BREAKING: Heat pump market in Finland grew by 50% in 2022.

1.5m heat pumps have now been installed in a country with just 2.7m households.

This will be even less popular than going after gas stoves, but it makes sense.

Too many people still convince themselves that alcohol is healthy in moderation.


If GOP strategy doesn't make sense to you:

what we've been watching for the last 10 years is conservative thought gave up on the idea of a union of collaborative states and embraced accelerating its destruction. They gave up on America

And they've given up on the future of the planet and embraced looting it

And they've given up on their neighbors: Your truck will keep you safe from the unwashed masses

They've given up and it's maddening to me and you because we haven't

That's what you get for angering the great sorcerer Lützerath, master of earth magic 😁

Happy 10th birthday to the strip that became the last decade's defining meme.

I'll say this about gas stoves: when I've been at my parents' house for Christmas the last couple of years, I've made a habit of turning on the vent hood while running the gas stove, which was regarded as eccentric and just barely tolerated by my parents. They've never thought to do that, and they won't; in some subrational way, "gas stoves produce toxic fumes" is an unthinkable thought. It's a disallowed concept. It's gonna take a while.

Ukraine-Russia-War. Russians attack civilian house killing people. 

Work on #cycling lanes and motor #vehicle traffic calming begins in #Victoria, #BC.

"One-way protected bike lanes will run along Superior Street between Montreal and Government streets.

"Advisory #bikelanes — a shared-use road design that provides dedicated space for #cyclists while supporting two-way vehicle traffic — will run along Government and Montreal streets."

#bikesafety #bike 🚴 #biketooter #Canada 🇨🇦

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