Today is International Forest Day We recognize some of the amazing members of the .eco community such as the Rainforest Alliance (@RnfrstAlliance), Reforest'Action (@reforestaction) or (@moretreeshq) working to protect our forests.

The FTC is accepting public comments, so take a few minutes to leave a comment before April 24 on why truth in environmental marketing matters:

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The US FTC is updating its Green Guides for the first time since 2012. At issue is whether it is whether it should regulate greenwashing and define terms like "sustainability", "net zero" and "carbon neutral".

Tomorrow is Digital Cleanup Day Check out the site for tips on how you can reduce the emissions of your online activities.

How slimmed-down websites can cut their carbon emissions via the BBC:

On behalf of the 715 members of the .eco community working on SDG#5 Gender Equality, Happy International Women's Day! 🤗

We are pleased to highlight the work of the latest .eco champion, Pirkani ( Learn about their unique, 5-step approach to sustainable fashion:

Many great members of the .eco community are working on protecting wildlife. Such as and

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Today is World Wildlife Day. It is a day to recognize wild planets and animals and how they contribute to the health of our planet. It is also the 50th birthday of CITES, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora.

Two underrated ways that as individuals we can address climate change: reduce food waste and share our stuff -

Good news! Renewables will be world’s top electricity source within three years, IEA data reveals. Global power-sector carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions should plateau or decline thereafter:

Looking for a simple way to take ? The EIA is looking for help tracking supermarkets that are using HFCs. Here are some quick instructions to get started: climatefriendlysupermarkets.or

Wetlands need to be protected! They are home to 40% of plant and animal species and sequester significant amounts of carbon dioxide. Show your support for wetland preservation on Feb 2:


📉We forecast a record fall of 20% in EU fossil generation in 2023 - almost 2x the previous record in 2020.

Why? Record growth in wind & solar, falling electricity demand and a return to normal for hydro reservoirs and French nuclear plants.



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