For , we honor those in the working on clean water for all, such as design water-free urinals or filtering out microplastics or syntropic farms like

Had some time today to make some data updates to 'Are my third parties green?'.

About 40% (1249 of 3113) known third-party domains are green. That's up from ~15% when I first launched this project about 18 months ago.

CentralNic CEO calls on the domain name industry to do its part to tackle climate change:
💚 Happy to answer any questions on what it takes for a registry or registrar to become certified carbon neutral

Want to know if your website is eco-friendly? Here are 5 things to check ✅

Umberto Eco uses 50% less fuel and 30% less packaging than regular Umberto

bluesky is fun, threads is fun, but I don't think I'll ever forget the lesson of Twitter:

if you don't control your own social graph, someone else controls an increasingly important part of your life

Thrilled! that my book "Water Always Wins" won the Rachel Carson Award from @sierraclub, an honor first given to the great @revkin, who was kind enough to blurb WAW. Other past winners are much-admired colleagues: @craigtimes, @nijhuism, & David Helvarg.

Ever wonder how trucks and SUVs came to dominate America's roadways? This analysis by @andrewvandam from the Washington Post explains how:

We talked with the CEO of GreenWorx about his journey to build one of South Africa's leading eco-friendly cleaning products companies:

The largest tech firms in the world – have all vowed to confront the #ClimateCrisis & have each set goals to slash planet-heating #emissions. Yet they've also hired US lobbyists that work with the #FossilFuel companies worsening global heating

The Dutch 🇳🇱 government has won a legal battle to reduce the number of flights at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport, in a blow to the airline industry 🛫 which fought against the rare attempt to curb air traffic on environmental grounds

The UN International Maritime Organization is meeting in the UK this week to discuss decarbonizing the shipping industry:

Looking for something inspiring to listen to this weekend? Take a listen 🎧 to 7 podcasts from members of the .eco community:

“Anyone insisting that you ‘calm down’ about climate change is living in denial about the catastrophes that are at our doorstep.”

Eligible applicants can get a free .eco domain name for the first year of registration. We can also advise on free or low cost web hosting options.

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For most businesses, the cost of a domain name is a rounding error in a marketing budget. But if you're an environmental activist or nonprofit in a developing country, that's not the case. That's why we have the .eco domain grants program:

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