#Greenwashing: How the EU is seeking to address false claims p.dw.com/p/4RZh2?maca=en-Twitt The Green Claims Directive would require firms to substantiate their climate-friendly claims with evidence.

Worth mentioning that folk often assume climate change is the primary culprit of terrestrial extinction. While atmospheric warming is indeed a new stressor on the block, it is habitat loss & land change that is doing the most harm to the wild. And it so happens the primary driver of habitat loss is animal agriculture & its feedcrops (Living Planet Report, 2022).

In other words, the 6th Extinction event on our home planet cannot be averted wiithout changing what we eat, and how we produce it.

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Happy Global Accessibility Awareness Day!

If you aren't aware of accessibility and the role you play in making the world more inclusive, today is the day start your awareness journey.


#A11y #DisabilityInclusion #Accessibility #GAAD #GAAD2023

One way we have been taking action is by improving the accessibility of our web sites. See our Accessibility Statement for more: go.eco/policies/accessibility/

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Today is Global Awareness Day (GAAD)! We believe that our environment needs to be shared by and accessible to all people. Everyone has a role in taking action to make our world more sustainable. The .eco community is welcome to everyone who cares about our planet. accessibility.day/

Great, hugely important read by @fershad regarding #SustainableWebDesign & #GreenWeb🌱: „There seems to be a growing consensus that network energy utilisation doesn’t correlate 1:1 with data transfer over said network.“ More work needed for the next, solidified iteration of SWD principles 👇 fershad.com/writing/is-data-th

#ThrowbackThursday to our last Canadians Connected event earlier this year in Vancouver. 📣Hey #Halifax, we're hosting the next one on May 31st and we'll be in your city! Avoid the FOMO and don't miss an opportunity to learn and network among fellow internet enthusiasts.

➡️ Register for free today: member.cira.ca/Membership/CIRA

Bit of a long shot, but could my good mastodon follower folk give me some boosts?

I'm starting work on a documentary podcast series about the future of space; renewable/sustainable technologies, commercialism in the sector and the public's perception of it all.

I'm hoping to connect with people who know space to complement my client's contacts, so any signal boosting would be appreciated!

🥳 Today .eco is 6 years old 🥳 A year older and a little bit wiser. Here are some of the things that we've learned in the last year: go.eco/news/eco-is-6-years-old. 8600 💚s to the amazing .eco community and all the great work you do.

🌎This #EarthDay, we sat down with Trevor Bowden, Co-founder of Big Room Inc.—the people behind
@doteco—to talk sustainability, infrastructure, community and how you can make an impact online for results offline. 👉 cira.ca/blog/registry-services

While conducting a slew of website carbon audits, we have been testing out several different free or low cost online tools. We pulled together our observations into an article that we just published on our blog: go.eco/news/website-carbon-aud

If you're in the UK 🇬🇧, come join 'The Big One' - a massive protest at Westminster and the Houses of Parliament starting today running over the next 3 days: extinctionrebellion.uk/next-uk All are welcome!

CYCLE.eco is revolutionizing last mile delivery across Europe with its fleet of custom-made e-bikes. We spoke with their CEO Luis Orsini-Rosenberg about their role in the evolution of sustainable urban transportation: go.eco/champions/cycle/

We 💚 April! Not only is it Earth Month 🌎 but it's also our birthday. We have some exciting things to announce at our party next week. Stay tuned 👂!

The world will likely use less fossil fuels to produce electricity this year in a "turning point" for eco-friendly energy, a new report says. bbc.com/news/science-environme

One super simple way to make use an SVG version of your logo. What does that mean and how does it help? Read on to find out. go.eco/news/eco-friendly-svg-l

If you already serve your logo as an svg - 🎉! But please be kind to your users: don't set a fixed width and height. And don't apply a stroke or fill color to every single element. Use styles to apply colors instead.

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Today's sustainable web tip: it's great to see so many organizations using an svg version of their logo on their website these days. svg files so much smaller than binary formats. Not only does this reduce the impact of your site, but also it helps partners displaying your logo.

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