CentralNic CEO calls on the domain name industry to do its part to tackle climate change:
💚 Happy to answer any questions on what it takes for a registry or registrar to become certified carbon neutral

If you're in the UK 🇬🇧, come join 'The Big One' - a massive protest at Westminster and the Houses of Parliament starting today running over the next 3 days: extinctionrebellion.uk/next-uk All are welcome!

Looking for a simple way to take ? The EIA is looking for help tracking supermarkets that are using HFCs. Here are some quick instructions to get started: climatefriendlysupermarkets.or

🙌 to the negotiators at working overtime to strengthen climate commitments and support reparations for countries hardest-hit by climate disasters

We are pleased to share the validated, ISO14064-compliant greenhouse gas emissions report for our 2022 fiscal year: go.eco/news/2022-greenhouse-ga


Join us to help build a more sustainable planet by addressing climate change, inequality, and systems of oppression.