We are pleased to highlight the work of the latest .eco champion, Pirkani (pirkani.eco/). Learn about their unique, 5-step approach to sustainable fashion: go.eco/champions/pirkani/

Ho ho ho! 🎅 If you are launching a new environmental non-profit or campaign in 2023, we have a gift 🎁 for you. You can get a free .eco domain for your website. Apply here: go.eco/grants/?utm_source=mast

Still room for improvement, but it means that we're well on our way of meeting our goal of encouraging 40%+ of .eco community members to use -friendly web hosts in 2023: go.eco/news/2022-impact-report

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We re-ran our analysis to see how many .eco websites are using -friendly web hosting and we're currently at 33.5%. This is up 2% from when we last ran the analysis in August. See our report for details: go.eco/news/eco-friendly-hosts

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One thing that caught our attention is that of the almost 8 million websites analyzed, only 10% are currently using -friendly web hosting!

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