For , we honor those in the working on clean water for all, such as design water-free urinals or filtering out microplastics or syntropic farms like

Want to know if your website is eco-friendly? Here are 5 things to check ✅

We talked with the CEO of GreenWorx about his journey to build one of South Africa's leading eco-friendly cleaning products companies:

Looking for something inspiring to listen to this weekend? Take a listen 🎧 to 7 podcasts from members of the .eco community:

Eligible applicants can get a free .eco domain name for the first year of registration. We can also advise on free or low cost web hosting options.

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Google Domains has been acquired by Squarespace. We will be working with both parties to ensure .eco domains are supported through this transition.

Today is World Oceans Day: With our oceans home to most of the earth's biodiversity and it's key role in regulating our global climate, it's time to put the ocean first.

The .eco community consists of over 1,000 members working to support aquatic environments. From conversation organizations like Chesapeake Bay Foundation to CO2 removal project in the Caspian Sea, it's inspiring to see how the is making a difference.

Great to see release their inaugural ESG report! It's great to see them starting the process of measuring your carbon footprint 💚. Many in the are using their hosting services and will be happy to see this.

Just one month to go before .eco's 6th birthday! We have a few gifts to share with the .eco community, so stay tuned

If you are launching a new nonprofit campaign or initiative, you can apply to get a .eco domain for free for the first year of registration. Apply here:

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You can now link to your Mastodon account to your .eco profile. See our .eco profile as an example:


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