Our thanks and gratitude to the awesome community! 🙏 Together we will nurture and grow this community.

From a small seed a might trunk may grow.

Why are we taking climate action?

🏘 For our community
🛍 For our customers
👶 For our children
🌍 For our planet

This ,
celebrates the small businesses that together are making a big impact. Join the webinar: eventbrite.com/e/taking-small-

Still room for improvement, but it means that we're well on our way of meeting our goal of encouraging 40%+ of .eco community members to use -friendly web hosts in 2023: go.eco/news/2022-impact-report

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We re-ran our analysis to see how many .eco websites are using -friendly web hosting and we're currently at 33.5%. This is up 2% from when we last ran the analysis in August. See our report for details: go.eco/news/eco-friendly-hosts

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One thing that caught our attention is that of the almost 8 million websites analyzed, only 10% are currently using -friendly web hosting!

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A few weeks ago, the HTTPArchive published the 2022 edition of the WebAlmanac: almanac.httparchive.org/en/202. For the first time ever, the report includes a section on . The chapter contains tons of great insight and advice.

🙌 to the negotiators at working overtime to strengthen climate commitments and support reparations for countries hardest-hit by climate disasters

You can now link to your Mastodon account to your .eco profile. See our .eco profile as an example: profiles.eco/bigroom

Hard to believe, but first name .eco domains are still available. karl.eco and albert.eco sold just this week! Search your name today on go.eco/

We are pleased to share the validated, ISO14064-compliant greenhouse gas emissions report for our 2022 fiscal year: go.eco/news/2022-greenhouse-ga

Big Room turns 15 today! Happy incorp-aversary to us 🥳. To celebrate, we are joining mastadon.eco. Call all .eco members to come join us.


Join us to help build a more sustainable planet by addressing climate change, inequality, and systems of oppression.