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We've been posting our Pixel Planet Today posts on We Don't Have Time for a while - but now you can make posts about us! You can target our company in climate reviews (hopefully Climate Love) on the platform, as well as interact with thousands of other environmental organizations and climate heroes! We hope to see you there!

As digital marketers and activists, we are just starting to explore the potential of Mastodon. Here are 6 lessons we've learned so far moving from Twitter to Mastodon:

Advice on choosing a server, migrating your followers, cross-posting, analytics and more.

What did we miss? What tips would you add?

If you are #newhere to the #fediverse and searching for your first #instance, setting up your own or switching to another, please consider using #renewableenergy!
We have some information on this, but you can help us gather more, which will help us all and put pressure on #hosting providers.
We need more transparency as there is still #greenwashing!
💚✊ #GreenFediverse
#GreenIT #GreenHosting #hackersagainstclimatechange

The UN Biodiversity Conference kicks off today in Montréal, Canada. Biodiversity loss is inextricably linked to . On behalf of the .eco community, we call on governments to live up to their commitments of preserving 30% of land, freshwater and oceans by 2030.

If you are launching a new nonprofit campaign or initiative, you can apply to get a .eco domain for free for the first year of registration. Apply here:

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When we first launched .eco over 5 years ago, we gave 100 .eco domains to environmental organizations. This , we're relaunching our .eco Domain Grant Program:

Our thanks and gratitude to the awesome community! 🙏 Together we will nurture and grow this community.

From a small seed a might trunk may grow.

Why are we taking climate action?

🏘 For our community
🛍 For our customers
👶 For our children
🌍 For our planet

This ,
celebrates the small businesses that together are making a big impact. Join the webinar:

Still room for improvement, but it means that we're well on our way of meeting our goal of encouraging 40%+ of .eco community members to use -friendly web hosts in 2023:

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We re-ran our analysis to see how many .eco websites are using -friendly web hosting and we're currently at 33.5%. This is up 2% from when we last ran the analysis in August. See our report for details:

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One thing that caught our attention is that of the almost 8 million websites analyzed, only 10% are currently using -friendly web hosting!

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A few weeks ago, the HTTPArchive published the 2022 edition of the WebAlmanac: For the first time ever, the report includes a section on . The chapter contains tons of great insight and advice.

🙌 to the negotiators at working overtime to strengthen climate commitments and support reparations for countries hardest-hit by climate disasters

You can now link to your Mastodon account to your .eco profile. See our .eco profile as an example:

Hard to believe, but first name .eco domains are still available. and sold just this week! Search your name today on

We are pleased to share the validated, ISO14064-compliant greenhouse gas emissions report for our 2022 fiscal year:

Big Room turns 15 today! Happy incorp-aversary to us 🥳. To celebrate, we are joining Call all .eco members to come join us.


Join us to help build a more sustainable planet by addressing climate change, inequality, and systems of oppression.