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Today is day: It is a great day to reminder others that we are living in a Climate Emergency.

Two charts that show how people are taking action to help avoid the worst possible impacts from #GlobalWarming

Google Domains has been acquired by Squarespace. We will be working with both parties to ensure .eco domains are supported through this transition.

Today is World Oceans Day: With our oceans home to most of the earth's biodiversity and it's key role in regulating our global climate, it's time to put the ocean first.

The .eco community consists of over 1,000 members working to support aquatic environments. From conversation organizations like Chesapeake Bay Foundation to CO2 removal project in the Caspian Sea, it's inspiring to see how the is making a difference.

Anyone who thought, "I don't want to be inconvenienced or have to change my lifestyle, so let the future generations deal with manmade #ClimateChange" because I won't be here..." -- Well, the joke's on you. The effects of #climatechange are already here everywhere.

Most of us don't consider domain names as contributing to climate change. But they do! We explore the impact in this article -- and give a quick overview of how DNS lookups for your domain name work.

This is what the sunrise over New York looked like today due to wildfire smoke coming over from Canada. Air quality levels are at unhealthy, at over 10 times the guidelines recommended by the WHO. This is the reality of living through the #climate crisis.

Wildfire smoke has made Ottawa, Canada, air quality currently the worst in the world, and parts of northeastern US aren't far behind

Today is World Environment Day! 🌳

Let's take a moment to reflect on our actions and make a positive impact on our planet. 🌎

Check out the conversation we had with Big Room Inc.—the .ECO people— for Earth Day back in April. There are many ways to protect our environment and create a sustainable world for generations to come. Read about them here:

#WorldEnvironmentDay #EcoConsciousLiving

In celebration of World Environment Day, Namecheap has .eco domains for 30% off running from June 5 - 12.

#Greenwashing: How the EU is seeking to address false claims The Green Claims Directive would require firms to substantiate their climate-friendly claims with evidence.

Worth mentioning that folk often assume climate change is the primary culprit of terrestrial extinction. While atmospheric warming is indeed a new stressor on the block, it is habitat loss & land change that is doing the most harm to the wild. And it so happens the primary driver of habitat loss is animal agriculture & its feedcrops (Living Planet Report, 2022).

In other words, the 6th Extinction event on our home planet cannot be averted wiithout changing what we eat, and how we produce it.

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Happy Global Accessibility Awareness Day!

If you aren't aware of accessibility and the role you play in making the world more inclusive, today is the day start your awareness journey.

#A11y #DisabilityInclusion #Accessibility #GAAD #GAAD2023

One way we have been taking action is by improving the accessibility of our web sites. See our Accessibility Statement for more:

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Today is Global Awareness Day (GAAD)! We believe that our environment needs to be shared by and accessible to all people. Everyone has a role in taking action to make our world more sustainable. The .eco community is welcome to everyone who cares about our planet.

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Join us to help build a more sustainable planet by addressing climate change, inequality, and systems of oppression.