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Despite these criticisms, cities are coming. The question(s) now is (are), who is in charge? How will these be governed? Who gets to live there? How much will they cost? Are these solutions to sea-level rise or just distractions? 4/5

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Both of the cities are advertised as solutions. But the project "The Maldives Floating City" essentially encourages foreign investment and "Oceanix City" seems like it might end up being more of a laboratory than a solution to -level rise induced mass . 3/5

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If you start researching these projects, all you will find is AI-rendered images of a world in which every day is sunny and every resident is happy. 2/5

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🧵In the New Year, at least two pretty insane floating city projects will begin construction.

One is in the Maldives and the other is off the coast of Busan in South Korea. 1/5


Forty years ago, Bob Lee, a retired oil engineer, developed six adjoining geodesic domes on a beach in Cape Romano in the Gulf Coast of Florida. They have been partially stranded in the ocean for years.

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A key part of the story is who gets protected? Who benefits? Subtext is always who doesn’t benefit and what voice do they have? 2/

This is a story about how science gets used in adaptation decisions. 2/

“estimate of how often a storm of a certain size is likely to strike is based, however, on historical patterns”

#SeaLevel #adaptation #climate

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