Inviting you to join us online for lunch today California time (9pm my time). I’m giving a mini-workshop: Agile Sustainability, It’s Not Just About Pace

It’s a workshop about change, wicked complexity, messy problems and social, environmental, and economic sustainability. My favourite agile principle, as a software developer, is "Agile processes promote sustainable development." But, what does that mean in a world of climate change and other looming crises.

Look at the line! All these people were lined up to visit highly endangered African penguins yesterday.

Please, do treasure Africa’s only penguins. Go visit them. Enjoy them. But don’t disturb them or their nests. #NoSeals You can’t feed the penguins. They don’t eat that. #HighSummer #21C #CapeTown #AfricanPenguins #NotOnOurWatch

According to South African National Parks (#SANParks), from:

(Actually this includes all traffic to Cape of Good Hope / Cape Point.)

Are we allowed to OCCASIONALLY boost tweets of great people/places we follow over there on Twitter?

For those who don't know about Bob and his amazing story, take a few minutes and check out the dangers of plastic pollution and Bob's road to recovery, here


These ladies are hitting it big overnight in USA—after the *years* of hard work. They grew up in Harts Chapel Mississippi a tiny community literally just up the road a very short piece from small town where I came up. Video takes me back to very best boyhood summer days swimming exactly there in Boley Creek. Puts me RIGHT back. indeed. This is why we do . A picture of .

Yesterday, Evan Kleiman’s podcast on (streaming Greater LA Public Radio) was THE BEST. Her topic —always a good listen. Her theme this week! . 😍

Stories included:
- "Guest, host, stranger: Roles we play in life and in hospitality"
- Defending the rights of nature: A new approach to save the planet
- Fantastic Fungi

Recommended—listen or read every segment or the full hour:

Before and after photos show devastating effects of intensive logging on B.C.’s old-growth forests

“It’s up to us to ensure [ancient forests] are protected and I encourage people to safely get out there and explore the landscape themselves and reconnect with nature and see what they might find,”

I'm also friends with the rescued Northern Rock Hopper penguins at Two Oceans Aquarium where I volunteer when I'm on the Cape. You can ask me anything. Especially about penguins (I'll talk about penguins all day), or my work in Agile Sustainability and Agile Theory of Change.

(This series of toots are also my first attempt at Mastodon posts.) (5/5)

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The African black-footed penguins will be functionally extinct in the next 5 years. Unless… We have a very short window that’s still open to save Africa’s only penguins. The good news is that the window IS still open, and even better conservationists know what needs to be done. We’ve just got to DO IT. Because I can’t bear the thought of living in a world without African Penguins. I just can’t.

I’m Steve. I’m friends with penguins. That’s my long-winded introduction. (4/5) (…and this is Ayoba)

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I don’t think agile software development is the answer to the issues we face. I know there isn’t any one answer to these issues that arise from his wicked complexity. But agile software developers sometimes have practical experience coping with this type of complexity. So I work alongside the people who work for a sustainable future, sharing the experiences and skills I have for working with agile software developers. We find new ways to tackle the wicked challenges facing the future. (3/5)

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Then gradually I made friends with some penguins, and I like to think they call me friend too. I realised that I wasn’t doing nearly enough for people, penguins, or planet.

Once I was a software developer. Then I became an Agile Coach. Today my business is working towards a more sustainable future. Or as my LinkedIn profile says, I help communities tackle critically urgent problems together — for commercial enterprise, public sector, NPO, and NGO — Connecting Agile with Theory of Change. (2/5)

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Time for more introductions? (This will be long) My name is Steve Holyer. I'm the founder and lead consultant/coach at Engage Results. I grew up on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. I have lived in Switzerland, and worked around the world for over 20 years. My heart belongs to South Africa and to the African black-footed penguins not to mention some N. Rock Hoppers.

I used to say, and I believed, that I’d done my part for sustainability by moving from the deep south of the USA to Switzerland. (1/5)


Join us to help build a more sustainable planet by addressing climate change, inequality, and systems of oppression.