The story is supposed to be about someone losing out due to having their private data stolen and used against them to fraudulently claim governmental funds. But for me the story is that the org in charge of most of the government's funds is poorly secured. 🤷‍♀️

Great, hugely important read by @fershad regarding #SustainableWebDesign & #GreenWeb🌱: „There seems to be a growing consensus that network energy utilisation doesn’t correlate 1:1 with data transfer over said network.“ More work needed for the next, solidified iteration of SWD principles 👇

🥳 Today .eco is 6 years old 🥳 A year older and a little bit wiser. Here are some of the things that we've learned in the last year: 8600 💚s to the amazing .eco community and all the great work you do.

My colleague @mmason is experienced both in programming and in writing. In
the last few weeks he's been exploring using LLMs for both tasks. Here he shares
what he's learned from using ChatGPT on a bunch of writing projects (including the just-published radar)

Don’t follow the sun: - sage advice from Adrian Cockcroft on how migrating compute workloads to lower carbon regions could be counterproductive

My kids and I just played D&D with ChatGPT4 as the DM
Spoiler Alert: It absolutely blew our minds
By Obie Fernandez

Last time CO2 levels were this high was 4.5 million years ago, when sea levels were between 5 and 25 meters higher than today, high enough to drown many world’s cities.
Temperatures then averaged 7 Fahrenheit higher and large forests in Arctic tundra

Unbelievable. The Vancouver Park Board has just voted to remove most of the Stanley Park bike lane, flying in the face of reason and public feedback. They are not serious about safety in the park. They are not serious about environmental concerns. They are not serious about accessibility. They have just voted to remove Vancouver's longest protected bike lane. They join a very small group of legislative bodies to strip out active transportation lanes for political ideology. #bikeyvr

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Looks like is back.

VANCOUVER CRITICAL MASS IS BACK. The Park Board's decision to close the dedicated bike lane requires a response. Last Friday of Every Month at 6pm we meet at the Georgia Street entrance to the park - from there, the mass decides where to go ...

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The #Vancouver Park Board staff report on removing the Stanley Park Separated Bike Lane (at the direction of the ABC-dominated board) is out.

3 options are presented: A) "Keep some protection", B) "Keep most protection, and C) "Keep little protection".


Spellie is 1 year old today! 🎉

Thank you to everyone that plays with their kids or on their own.

We've had over 6 million completed puzzles in the past year.

To celebrate, we recently added a few new features, like the archive of old puzzles.

Last Tuesday, a tribunal of three judges all ratified my state of innocence. They came to this conclusion after reviewing the evidence - and realizing that basically all evidence presented by the accusation was completely irrelevant. The evidence that remained showed clearly that I had NOT committed any crime.

Today my lawyers tell me that both the prosecutors office and CNT (the public telco of Ecuador) have submitted papers saying they will appeal. And this, even though the written resolution hasn't arrived yet.

It feels tough to see, even though of course I expected this to happen. But it's sad, because both of them know there's no evidence of any wrong doing. They are just continuing because they are hoping they can confuse judges or because they feel they have to.

If you haven't heard about my case, the best overview might be the one from @eff who published an analysis of the central evidence in the case against me. You can read it here:

One thing that they don't clearly indicate was whether or not customer source code could have been accessed or exfiltrated.

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tl;dr; "an unauthorized third party leveraged malware deployed to a CircleCI engineer’s laptop in order to steal a valid, 2FA-backed SSO session" ... "the unauthorized third party was able to access and exfiltrate data from a subset of databases and stores, including customer environment variables, tokens, and keys."

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.eco is now certified carbon neutral in accordance with PAS2060! 🙌 to our partners and in helping us get there.

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Join us to help build a more sustainable planet by addressing climate change, inequality, and systems of oppression.