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Some Silicon Valley Bank failure reading:

1) Overview

2) Technical details

3) Paywalled

In short, they had a lot of money tied up ("held to maturity") in low-interest bonds, which lost value when interest rates rose. Changed accounting to sell off some, the losses spooked depositors, got a bank run.


"Tan estimated that nearly one-third of Y Combinator’s startups will not be able to make payroll at some point in the next month if they cannot access their money."

Climate change is not just an environmental issue, it's also an economic issue. We must take action to address it before losses cascade through the financial system. Let's listen to women, use AI, and take local actions to combat the greatest threat to human progress.

I am ready to continue to stand up for the truth, as I have done my entire career, and I will not be cowed by conspiracy theories or intimidation. I am extremely proud of my service to my nation.

Few things shock me these days as a climate reporter in Louisiana. But while reporting on methane emissions in the Gulf, I learned that venting has caused helicopters to fall out of the sky

"Relocating whole communities, sometimes called managed retreat, is perhaps the most aggressive form of adaptation to climate change." Interior Department awards 3 tribes $75m

The climate change deniers sre still at it, now trying to stop offshore wind turbine development. And using a slick video production to do it.
#climate #wind #renewables #fossilfuels

If you are launching a new nonprofit campaign or initiative, you can apply to get a .eco domain for free for the first year of registration. Apply here:

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Interesting podcast on agrivoltaics: AgriSolar Podcast Ep. 1: Growing Crops Among the Solar Panels in Colorado

Want to know what corporations are most responsible for climate change? Check out this compiled dataset of the reported GHG emissions from the largest corporations. Note: some corporations don't report all their emissions. See the notes on Scope 3 GHG emissions.

AI-generated paintings imagine how famous historic artists would illustrate the climate crisis.
A series of AI-generated images envision how famous artists from history would depict some of the most pressing issues that threaten our environment, from deforestation to plastic pollution and factory farming.
#ai #climate #climatechange #art

Climate denials groups are now making up or exaggerating environmental concerns to oppose renewable energy projects. The latest are highly questionable claims that offshore wind will harms whales.

Time for an official !

Terrabyte is a green tech company focused on providing creative tech solutions to the ongoing environmental crises.

From what started as a pixel art, climate education project (you might know it as Pixel Planet Today:, Terrabyte has grown into a team of passionate designers and developers set on making a difference.

Some places in the world still don't have a proper water or sewer system. Technology and investment to improve those communities is sorely needed.

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Join us to help build a more sustainable planet by addressing climate change, inequality, and systems of oppression.