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Climate denials groups are now making up or exaggerating environmental concerns to oppose renewable energy projects. The latest are highly questionable claims that offshore wind will harms whales.

Time for an official !

Terrabyte is a green tech company focused on providing creative tech solutions to the ongoing environmental crises.

From what started as a pixel art, climate education project (you might know it as Pixel Planet Today:, Terrabyte has grown into a team of passionate designers and developers set on making a difference.

Some places in the world still don't have a proper water or sewer system. Technology and investment to improve those communities is sorely needed.

Using GeoPandas and some open data sources, I created maps of Canada's electric vehicle charging network.

I've got more visualizations, a link to an interactive map, technical details, and more background on my blog post.

New report from us
at Urban Institute. We review data on effects of life near highways & examine exposure in Louisville.

We show:
—Highways pose a public health threat throughout US
—Low-income residents disproportionately live near highways in Louisville

A recent UCLA report found that:
— one in five Community College students,
— one in ten California State students and,
— one in twenty University of California students,
experiences bouts of homelessness. #UCStrike

Global Energy Monitor came out with a list of corporations that hire the same lobbyists as fossil fuel companies.

Ceres has a new report on S&P 100 (largest companies on US market) policy positions on climate change. Only about 29% are publicly supporting climate action.

Whether the Dems keep the House and Senate still isn't totally clear. I feel quite the anxious suspense.

Relying on recycling is very inefficient. We need to have things made to be re-used, and not simply thrown in the trash where they often aren't recycled.

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There is a lot more potential for treating and re-using waste water. This article talks about one project doing that.

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