There may some caveats that maybe this year is a temporary plateua, but it looks like we are 1.5c of warming.

@amaditalks Are Amazon's emissions higher? According to, US military emissions are million metric tons, and according to, Amazon's emissions at 71.27 million metric tons.

When the air started get bad in San Francisco my fire detector went off for a second even though there was no fire anywhere near me. Has anyone else experienced their fire alarm going off from smoke.

I got solar panels on my roof running last week and so far I’ve produced more power than I’ve consumed everyday so far even when it’s been cloudy.

SB253 passed in California to require carbon accounting from large corporations. The IRA has added incentives. It may not be quickly enough, but we do get a framework for addressing climate change.

would require large corporations to publicly disclose their GHG footprint, and will be voted on in California's state Assembly next week. Last time, we lost by 1 vote. Major corporations like Apple, Microsoft, Salesforce, and Levi's have endorsed the bill, but corporations are still using every lie to try to kill the bill.

A word about #ADL: As with most organizations, I don’t agree with every position they take. But when Musk accuses the most organized voice against #antisemitism in the U.S. of costing him ad revenue, he is leaning on a most #antisemitic dog whistle (that Jews control the media) and he most definitely knows it. 1/2

@dsacer @chadmbriggs will banks do mortgages on homes that can’t insure natural disasters?

This Daily Beast piece on DeSantis' security team tripping over themselves to keep a 15-year-old kid from asking difficult questions is pure gold. Getting big time Dead Zone vibes after reading this story, and this kid is my new hero.

His question should be the first that anyone asks every GOP candidate on the campaign trail for the next 14 months:

“Do you believe that Trump violated the peaceful transfer of power,” the teenager asked the governor, “a key principle of American democracy that we must uphold?”

Burning Man attendees advised to 'shelter in place,' conserve food and water due to heavy rain Bummer. They should not be there; the entire gig is horribly environmentally irresponsible.

The GPT API lets you define "functions" that GPT can "call".

When the chatbot wants to call one of these functions, it sends a specially formatted JSON message.

I've used this before in my candy dispenser project. When it wants to dispense a candy, it can call "dispense_candy" which makes a stepper motor turn.

So I gave it some new functions:

and "told" it these would "actually" do what they say.

I wanted to see if it's "alignment" training would stop it.

Nope. :)

@carnage4life companies can go bankrupt, but ultimately if there is damage or upgrades are needed for climate change someone has to pay. If a private company can default on their debt, it may be preferable to passing the cost to taxpayers.

"Last year, subsidies for oil, coal, and natural gas reached a record high of $7 trillion, according to a report out Thursday from the International Monetary Fund, which works out to $13 million every minute. That’s nearly double what the world spends on education and equal to roughly 7 percent of global economic output."

The true cost of climate pollution? 44% of corporate profits.

Every democrat needs to be talking about these investments and new manufacturing facilities. Every pro climate action org should be running ads in the right places touting these successes and pointing out that the ira passed with no Republican support.

We're going to have to deal with agricultural greenhouse gas emissions too, not just industrial ones. Methane is the second-biggest cause of the warming we've had, and it causes warming irrespective of where it comes from.

#California #Climate #ClimateCrisis

The Science Based Targets initiative, a United Nations-backed entity that validates net-zero plans, has removed Amazon from its list of companies taking action on climate goals after the tech behemoth failed to implement its commitment to set a credible target for reducing carbon emissions

#MassExtinction #pollution #ecology #environment #climate #Amazon

I wish I didn't have to tell you about this again, but I do. It's not being reported much in the news — and you know why?

Because it's not 'new' (the origin of the word 'news'), it's old. This has been going on for months now, and corporate news outlets are simply tired of reporting it. But it is still happening.

Canada's boreal forests are burning up.

At least 1100 fires are still active, more than 700 out of control. Over 13 million hectares have been burned so far, with no end in sight. It's an unprecedented climate and environmental disaster.

#Canada #Environment #Climate #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #ClimateEmergency


@delawen @Brendanjones I understand there were existing programs, but my understanding there were emergency measures after the Ukraine war started as well. See for example. Did these additional measures have big impact?

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