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WATCH: @SenSherrodBrown calls out corporations for using inflation as an excuse to hike prices beyond the cost of doing business.

Will @federalreserve Chair Powell listen to the warnings of economic experts and end job-killing rate hikes that do nothing to address corporate… twitter.com/i/web/status/16331

Seems to me like the FCC should be talking about revoking Fox New's broadcasting license. Fox's punishment can't only be whatever penalties result from the Dominion defamation lawsuit heathercoxrichardson.substack.

@TimHarford I saw this while visiting the Museum of Flight in Seattle and thought of

The upshot here is that wind turbine failures are not like oil or gas pipeline ruptures, or coal ash spills, or nuclear reactor problems. bloomberg.com/news/articles/20

"Meta Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg explained during the company’s earnings report this month that he still felt the organization was too slow-moving and bloated. " total vote of confidence in your leadership, your leadership team, and your employees.

Over 50K utilities that manage in the United States. 6BILLION gallons of treated water are lost to leaks every day. That's 18,413 Acre Feet! In about 3.6 years, that would add up to a full Lake Powell, in 4.6 years that would be enough to fill Lake Mead (from empty!) It took 17 years to fill Powell after the dam went in. wsj.com/video/series/wsj-expla

Why do white Americans learn about the dozens of wealthy Black towns that were destroyed by racism, from:
* Fictional TV shows made by HBO
* Black women comedians (Amber Ruffin)
* Random Black dudes the post on the internet 🙋🏿‍♂️

Instead of from their history text books?

Again folks will ask "Why was I not taught this in school?" And again, I will say, "You know why." Look at what DeSantis is doing. Look at what the Texas Board of Education has always done.

This is the Forbidden Knowledge(tm)! 🤫

I don't even know what to say about this guy. "They want to control every aspect of your life." coming from a politician that wants to control every aspect of your life.

No one is coming for your gas stove! You want to pollute your house and kill your family faster, that's freedom.


Get police out of the traffic-enforcement business.

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Police officers killed 600 motorists from 2017 through early 2022. That’s two a week. How much of this carnage are we going to endure? From @mtomasky@twitter.com: newrepublic.com/article/170262

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Republicans don't give a damn about the debt or deficit. They've raised the debt ceiling again and again while handing out trillions in tax cuts to billionaires. Their goal is to cut Social Security and Medicare, which tens of millions of Americans rely on to stay out of poverty.

How does a a seeming fraud like this George Santos guy get as far as he did? Why was his murky history not uncovered in his first congressional run in 2020? Or before he won his race in 2022? nytimes.com/2022/12/19/nyregio

News organizations should take the principled stand that the Boston University School of Public Health took and suspend their use of twitter. Really, what would Twitter be without journalists and news organizations tweeting? A hell scape of bots, trolls and misinformation. Break the wheel. Elon has shown his intentions. Don’t feed the troll.

You know how to hold Ye accountable, but you don't know how to hold Elon accountable.

You know how to hold Kyrie accountable, but you don't know how to hold Trump accountable.

You even know how to hold Black people that speak up *against* fascism accountable! Colin Kaepernick. Jemele Hill. Tiffany Cross. But you don't know how to hold people that *promote* it accountable. Entire News orgs.

And that is why the world is the way it is, and why fascism is rising everywhere.

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