Lifecycle CO2 g/km, Nissan Leaf: 104
Lifecycle CO2 g/km, ebike: 22

Electric cars sold across all of Europe, 2022: 1.5-1.6 million
Ebikes sold just in Germany, 2022: 2.2 million

Panasonic 2170 battery cells, Tesla 3 (short range): 2,976
Panasonic 2170 battery cells, Malibu GT ebike: 65
(= 45 ebikes : 1 Tesla 3—or 140 ebikes : 1 Tesla X)

Cars parked per parking space: 1
Ebikes parked per parking space: ~10

someone who is good at math please help me budget this. my city is dying

How are we going to collectively remove billions of tons of CO₂ from the atmosphere when we can't even stop ourselves from doing things like this. #Willow

Presumably a response to an OpEd I wrote a while back. Kill them with kindness!

As NDN Collective said:
Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland, in 2020 you opposed the ConocoPhillips harmful Willow Project and now, more than ever, we need your leadership to #StopWillow.
The Native Village of Nuiqsut has made their position clear, they do not consent on this project and Interior & POTUS must listen.

Visual evidence that ventilation is not the solution to gas stoves. Even the most affluent vacation homes omit it.

Plus, it doesn't work well enough to prevent respiratory illness.

GB Grid: Yesterday's #Wind generation.

Wind generation: 309.04GWh (42.32%)
GB total: 730.29GWh #WindDayCharts #GridDayCharts

"Build Failed". WHY did the build fail, XCode? You have to tell me WHY.

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I would rather write code in notepad than use XCode and its not even close.

Apparently the only EVs the car companies think will appeal to the Superbowl audience are massive, apocalypse- and zombie-defying, monster trucks that also give you long-lasting erections.

Now I feel like I should watch the midnight gospel episode about dealing with death and just cry it out.

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Okay damn this pulled at my heart strings. That, too, is gay culture.

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Last of us episode 3 


Many GOP members voted against Pres. Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act — now, they're celebrating its benefits.

This video was made with support from Climate Power.


“Road safety is a shared resp-”

You bolt awake in Chicago. You are not online. It is the year 1903. You are the bicycle maker Ignaz Schwinn, and you have a new business plan. The future cannot come to pass. The Ford Motor Company must burn.

Related: There was a conspiracy by General Motors to monopolize and dismantle public transit between the 1930s and 1950s.

They were fined $5,000 (~$57,000 in 2023) for violating the Sherman Antitrust Act. They were doing "embrace, extend, extinguish" before it was cool.

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Wow, imagine if Richmond, Virginia hadn't torn up our public transit infrastructure from the 1930s for poorly maintained roads and highways.

Car centered infrastructure is such a massive joke.

GB Grid: #Wind is generating 14.54GW (45.01%) out of 32.30GW

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