Whales migrate huge distances, but did you know that between stops, they don't really eat? instagram.com/p/CpVhuCDsHL8/

Hey! Sometimes you just can't fit all the words in 140 characters. So, we made our first ever in-depth post -covering the streetcar in our home city of Omaha! You can read it on our blog: blog.pixelplanettoday.com/2023

The Tren Maya project would be a huge environmental win if it wasn't for the deep jungle and underground caverns that are being put at risk: instagram.com/p/CnXPwxUtFN1/

Our New Year, New-sletter just went out! If you are subscribed to <little-bytes>, be sure to check your inbox. And if you aren't - there's no time like the present 😊🌎

We hope you're having a Happy New Year's! If you're like us, you have goals to make 2023 the best, greenest year yet. Whether it's composting or using reusable shopping bags - we have faith in you!

Read our 2023 goals (and a review of our 2022 ones): blog.pixelplanettoday.com/2022

If you're in the Northern Hemisphere, you're probably cold. But are you -135 degrees Fahrenheit cold?


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Is anybody building a list of #ClimateTech / #ClimateSolutions startups, founders, investors, etc. with #Mastodon accounts yet? If not, @ClimUp would be happy to do it.

#sustainability #ClimateAction #ClimateHope #ClimateChange

We've been posting our Pixel Planet Today posts on We Don't Have Time for a while - but now you can make posts about us! You can target our company in climate reviews (hopefully Climate Love) on the platform, as well as interact with thousands of other environmental organizations and climate heroes! We hope to see you there!


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If you are #newhere to the #fediverse and searching for your first #instance, setting up your own or switching to another, please consider using #renewableenergy!
We have some information on this, but you can help us gather more, which will help us all and put pressure on #hosting providers.
We need more transparency as there is still #greenwashing!
πŸ’šβœŠ #GreenFediverse
#GreenIT #GreenHosting #hackersagainstclimatechange

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Time for an #Introduction !

My name is Sammy Harper, I'm a Web & Graphic Designer based in Omaha, NE. While I take on various design contracts, I am most proud of my work at Terrabyte (@terrabyte), a green tech company I started earlier this year. Piggybacking off of my pixel art project, Pixel Planet Today (pixelplanettoday.com), Terrabyte is home to projects that combine design and technology to fight conservation crises. I am always incredibly excited to work on these types of projects, and love every second I put towards them.

#webdesigner #graphicdesigner #climatedesign #greentech #pixelart #omaha #nebraska

Time for an official !

Terrabyte is a green tech company focused on providing creative tech solutions to the ongoing environmental crises.

From what started as a pixel art, climate education project (you might know it as Pixel Planet Today: pixelplanettoday.com), Terrabyte has grown into a team of passionate designers and developers set on making a difference.


Join us to help build a more sustainable planet by addressing climate change, inequality, and systems of oppression.