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Time for an #Introduction !

My name is Sammy Harper, I'm a Web & Graphic Designer based in Omaha, NE. While I take on various design contracts, I am most proud of my work at Terrabyte (@terrabyte), a green tech company I started earlier this year. Piggybacking off of my pixel art project, Pixel Planet Today (pixelplanettoday.com), Terrabyte is home to projects that combine design and technology to fight conservation crises. I am always incredibly excited to work on these types of projects, and love every second I put towards them.

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Time for an official !

Terrabyte is a green tech company focused on providing creative tech solutions to the ongoing environmental crises.

From what started as a pixel art, climate education project (you might know it as Pixel Planet Today: pixelplanettoday.com), Terrabyte has grown into a team of passionate designers and developers set on making a difference.


Join us to help build a more sustainable planet by addressing climate change, inequality, and systems of oppression.